We're Alive!

By Kaleb McCall - 01 Apr 2015

Barely. After a few interesting months we've come back filled with vim and vigour, ready to jump into the new tax year head on.

They're Coming out of the Woodwork!

We've had some interesting security tests in our time away from the blog. We were getting roughly 25000 connection attempts on our email server every week. Seem a bit much? Well it was. In our usual day to day dawdling through our servers it became clear that someone had set their sights on us. So after some of what non technical people like to call voodoo, which technical people like to call SysAdmin voodoo, we were down to a much healthier 8000 or so.

XKCD Comic Strip 705

Ooh... Shiny...

The course Wesley we've laid in is quite exciting, we're going to be active on Twitter, Facebook, and right here! On the blog you can be expecting a Behind the Scenes series so that you guys can get to know us better - after all, the work we do is at mates rates. For our regular blog updates keep those eyeballs trained here on the first of every month. Oh yea, we've also got that little thing called web development that we're going to be ramping up too.

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